"The program was very interactive and engaging and I would highly recommend her!"

Leah Goldman
Lubavitch of
Center City

An extraordinary acrobatic company that combines the magic of performance with the art of teaching. Performances are interactive utilizing lots of audience participation. Circus arts, including tumbling, contortion, aerial work, hand balance, dancing, and juggling are used as tools to creatively educate and entertain audience members.

The Philadelphia based company performs for people of all ages from toddlers to seniors, as well as multigenerational groups. Specializing in creating original material for individual events, each program is custom designed to match the client's specific needs. Whether it is at a child's birthday party, school assembly, festival, or corporate event, care is taken to ensure that each performance is spectacular.

In addition to performing, Miss Lisa, Inc. creates programs for specialty classes and after school activities. Subject areas include: art, music, dance, hula hooping, tumbling, balancing, juggling and plate spinning.

Dedicated to preserving the art of acrobatics, Miss Lisa, Inc. teaches people of all ages from all fitness backgrounds to learn how to tumble and stretch.

Inspired by creativity and enjoying the good company of others, Miss Lisa is also an associate of the Give and Take Jugglers.