Balancing, Juggling and Multitasking

"The image of everyone, from the President of the College down to the support staff, gathered around the parachute trying to get the fruit into the right planet, is a memory that I will always treasure!"

Dr. Ruth Sandberg
Dean of Students
Gratz College

Making Hebrew School a priority!

  • Program focuses on the multitasking skills needed to balance and juggle responsibilities to include hebrew school as a priority.
  • Appropriate for students and families.
  • Great for a back to school program, after vacations, or anytime.
  • Also good for pre- Bar/Bat Mitzvah students, and teens/pre-teens with added responsibilities.

The Balancing and Juggling act of being Jewish in a
non-Jewish society.

  • Program emphasizes the marvels of being Jewish.
  • Great for anytime, Winter Season especially!
  • Appropriate for all ages.

Balancing and Juggling to improve self-esteem
and emphasize positive messages.

  • Program geared toward preteens, teens, and young adults.