Acrobatic Instruction

"Learning from you has left me with new confidence, strength and flexibility."
~Lisa Fiordimondo

Northeast Racquet Club & Fitness Center
Krewstown and Grant Rds.
Phila., PA 19115

Beginner - Advanced
Private Lessons
Contact Lisa for more info.

"It's so rare to find someone who has the patience and ability to teach teens and adults acrobatics-and succeed so well at what she does!" ~ Jackie Zalewski, Acrobatic Student and Professional Dancer

Stretching Class

Individual Goals, Working Towards Splits, Backbends, Frontbends, Over Stretches and Contortion, Slow Controlled Movements, Gentle and Pain Free

Tumbling Class

Individual Goals, Authentic "Old School" Acrobatics, Kick Overs, Hand Balance, Floor Tricks, Running Tricks, Props and More...